Why computer sound not working

Posted by aruga4life | 12:16 AM

Computer sound not working comes from sound hardware attached or link to your pc. Basically normal quality sound hardware comes as already fitted in your motherboard of pc. Sometimes it is not requires any driver installation, but some motherboard comes with cd for its driver installation like Intel etc. When buying PCI sound card for your pc remember to check system requirement. Because some 3d sound cards would requires faster processor. 
To check computer sound not working you has to right click on my computer, click properties and click device manager. Look there at sound for your sound card driver and click on sound driver properties. Now you can update driver or search for it to install. Computer sound not working if this method fails than there can be problem in your wires connecting speakers. If your wires are fine, than you should open your bios and check your sound option there. You need to turn on, your on-board audio card to use it. It happens many times that it is off as default and when you need to use separated PCI card than you has to turn off your on-board card from bios.
Sometimes you install incorrect version of driver that not capable to support your pc, so you need to uninstall it. And install correct version that will run on your pc. If your computer sound not working than you need open system restore on start menu select programs, select accessories and then system tool.