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Rohypnol is famously known as the “date-rape” drug. It is the brand name for flunitrazepam (a benzodiazepine) and is similar in effect to valium though very much a potent tranquilizer compared to the latter. Once taken especially with alcohol, it can cause memory "blackouts," times of memory loss. Sufferers who have been raped with Rohypnol have recalled getting out of bed in strange places, with or without outfits, sometimes with a used condom on the bed, sometimes with contusions on their body... but they have no recollection of the past evening.
The drug is also physically addictive and frequent use will lead to addiction. It kicks in after 20-30 minutes when taken and the effect lasts for hours – 8-12 hours to be exact. The drug is detectable through urine though only until after 72 hours from use.
Benzodiazepines are drug types that have severe withdrawal symptoms and rohypnol is not exempted. The drug is known to have a “rebound’ effect wherein the symptoms would continue for days after last use. Withdrawing from this drug, then, is very challenging. These may include:
  • ·         Anxiety
  • ·         Headaches and muscle pains
  • ·         Numbness
  • ·         Agitation
  • ·         Convulsions that may lead to seizures
  • ·         Hallucinations
These would start after a week of last use and may take many weeks before they will eventually stop.
Rohypnol treatment and detoxification should not be attempted alone. Due to the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, drug users should have medical and psychological guidance and monitoring. It is best to take the addict to a rehab center or undergo detox in a facility.
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