restore files from the recycle bin

Posted by aruga4life | 12:35 AM

           If you delete file in hurry, and a month back you realize that some very important file you needed is missing, and you need it back what will you do?? Panic?? No you don’t have to panic because When Microsoft came up with the concept of Recycle bin in Windows 95; it was considered to be a failsafe. Many a time people have this misconception about deleting files is that once deleting a file from the My computer those files get deleted forever, but that is completely untrue because when a file is deleted it goes to Recycle Bin, which saves all your deleted files. You can recover any deleted files from recycle bin very easily by going through following process:

1. Open the recycle Bin by double clicking on the icon or search for it in the start menu in order to recover files from Recycle Bin
2. Locate your file and click on the file highlight it by single click on the file, if you want to recover numerous files, then click control button and select manifold files.
3. On the top side of the Recycle Bin
window, you will see a restore option.
4. After selecting the files you want to restore click on the restore button.
           All your files will be restored back to their previous location where you saved them earlier, and you can access them from there. It’s easy to recover files from Recycle Bin
Recycle bin is a very useful program which needs to be handled with care and always try to keep a regular backup of your computer to protect your files from getting deleted