leaking water heaters

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A common household problem
Leaking water heater is a common problem faced in daily life. It can be proved to be a headache if it is goes unchecked. To avoid this problem, you need to regularly check the valves, bolts and gaskets of the pipes leading to and from the water heater.
The first reason of water leakage from heater is due to rusting of it. If heater is six years or decade old are prone to rust. You need to change the water boiler in most cases. Rusting is an inevitable process but you can avoid it by taking some precaution while installing the water heater. It is suggested that you must use di-electric or copper connections so that rusting is prevented. The di-electric nipples not only increase the life of water heater but also help in preventing the clog. The rubber washers with galvanized copper wires are best suited to avoid rusting.
Sometimes, the leaks in the water heater are due to plumbing issues as well. The gasket and bolts of the pressure valve are not secured properly which allows the leakage of the water through them. It is also expected that the water can leak from pipes that goes inside and out of the water broiler. It is nothing to get worried. You can get an appointment from an experienced plumber  to repair it or you can do it yourself . All you have to do is to tighten the bolts and gasket with the required tool.
The next and frequently occurring reason for the leak or drip is considered to be excessive pressure that comes into the boiler joined with the pressure building inside the boiler since the water expands upon heating. An instrument called water pressure gauge is designed to find out the water pressure impending into the residence. Normal pressure is estimated to be approximately 50-60psi. Sometimes, when the pressure
reaches up to 80psi then the problem can arise. If the water pressure goes high, then you need to install a pressure regulator. It is preferred to install it close by to the central water service spot of entrance into the residence. This will help to lessen the extreme incoming pressure. Even though this will be able to heal the dripping pipe or valve, but it may not be enough to stop dripping for a longer time. Moreover, you may need to install a device called as thermal expansion tank along with lowering the temperature and setting up pressure regulator.
There are some emergency tips when encountering a leak in the water heater.
·         First of all, turn the power off.
·         Circuit breaker should also be turned off.
·         Try to release the pressure that has built at point from where the water is leaking
·         Central water vent should be turned off to prevent water damage.
·         Avoid touching the hot spot of water leakage. Allow it to cool for some time.
Leaking water heaters is not a problem anymore in today’s world with all these suggestions and precautions.