How to Fix Annoying Browser Redirect

Posted by aruga4life | 3:26 PM

Browser redirect is one of the annoying malware there is to find. Everytime you search something on the internet you will find yourself in a strange web page which you didn’t request for. It hampers your normal flow of work and brings you to a standstill. more notorious browser redirect takes you to obscene web pages which may bring you shame.

 There are different kind of browser redirect out there. depending on the malware you have in your PC the solution for browser redirect will be different. but we can discuss this problem in general.

Let us first ask ourselves when did the problem first occur. If browser redirect started after installing some free software or a browser plugin, it will be best to uninstall them at first.

Next comes the easier solution, scan your PC with reputed anti virus, anti rootkit and anti spyware softwares.You will find many options and detailed review on each of the product on the net. Install those which you find suitable, but do not install conflicting softwares. due to your browser redirect you may not be able to download the softwares directly from their site. in that case download it from a mirror site. scan your pc in the safe mode and with your browser closed for maximum output.

After scanning your whole PC you should check your DNS address.Open Network Connection from control panel.
 Select internet protocol (TCP-IP) and open its properties. click on obtain DNS server address automatically.

Next you should check your browser for any proxy address. contact with your service provider   to know if you need a proxy.

If those general solutions didn’t work for you than you need to edit your registry. However such solutions are unique to their problem and if you do not have enough experience you may end up making things worse instead of fixing browser redirect. It is advisable to seek the help of experts in this regard. to prevent browser redirect from occurring again, keep your antivirus engine updated and do not visit untrusted web pages.