Facebook account deletion support

Posted by aruga4life | 12:46 AM

Sometimes we are compelled to delete our Facebook® account for some unwanted problems. We face some problems while deleting a Facebook® account. We normally delete our Facebook® account with the help of Facebook® help center. Facebook® help center provides you full guidelines regarding Facebook® account deletion support. But yet you are unable to delete your Facebook® account, many helpful websites will help you as Facebook® account deletion support. Your profile or timeline will be
vanished if you deactivate your Facebook® account.
By following a few steps, a successful deletion of Facebook® account is possible.
  • ·         Go to the Facebook® log in page and log into your account
  • ·         Visit the Facebook® account deletion page
  • ·         Facebook® authority will provide a form for your easy deletion
  • ·         Do as directed and click on “delete my account” and then “submit”
  • ·         Ans. The ques. Of “you are about to permanently delete your account.                               Are you sure”
  • ·         Follow the steps of entering name, password and captcha
  • ·         Click “okay”
There is also an email method through which you can easily have facebook account deletion support. After deleting Facebook® account, you are unable to open your facebook profile again. If you feel some professional one who can lead you providing procedures of deleting Facebook account, then online tech-help companies are here. Get facebook account deletion support in a very easy and tricky from the expert and supportive team of online tech-help companies. The certified technician will help you to delete your Facebook account as well as technical services.