erased files restoration

Posted by aruga4life | 12:39 AM

In order to restore erased files that you have erased accidentally it’s very important that you instantly stop using your computer because erased files are not completely deleted from your computer, but they just lose their space in My computer but they have some tiny bit space saved for themselves in the hard disk and operating system of your computer overwrites that space in order to change it to a new data. To avoid this you should always stop working on your computer in order to restore erased files.
Steps you should take in order to restore erased files:

1. You should check on the Recycle bin if you have not completely deleted your file from the computer by SHIFT + DELETE.
2. After locating your file in Recycle bin highlight the file and click on the restore option, which will restore your file, and then you will recover erased files from Recycle Bin, which can be traced back in their previous location.
3. If you have permanently deleted the file, then you can use a system restore tool that windows provide and can restore your backup from there.
4. Many online softwares are available over the internet through which you can restore erased files very easily. You just have to download the utility software, and then you can look for the specific drive or can run a whole hard drive check for recently removed files and recover erased files by selecting on the file you want to restore and clicking on restore button.
You should keep in mind that to restore erased files, there should not be any activity because there are chances that your erased file will be lost forever, and you should use licensed softwares only.