Do you want lose weight in a short and natural way

Posted by aruga4life | 10:44 PM

           Laxatives are known as such products which are used to reduce or eliminate constipation. Recently, a new application of laxative is observed that is to use to reduce weight. The use of laxatives in losing weight is becoming popular day by day. it not only helps you to put off the extra fat on your body but allows the person eat anything. The key of this method is that it elevates the metabolism which helps the stool to move out of the body faster. It does not let the food to stay in the intestine for a long time so there is little chance of accumulation of fats in the body.
           it may appears a quite easy job to lose through laxatives but one should choose the laxatives with a careful consideration. There are some natural as well as lubricant laxatives. Natural laxatives include broccoli, husk and other. The lubricants such as milk of magnesia, polythene glycol and etc are also use to enhance the metabolic rate. The commonly used laxatives for the weight loss are

a.     Slimming tea is used as laxative. It is the cheap product and quite helpful for those people who are short on resource. It has reported to be very effective in weight reduction. It is one of the most popular weight losing product in the market

b.    Lubricants such as mineral oils are used to release stool with ease without causing pain to person.
 If you have decided to lose weight through laxative then you must also keep a good diet and exercise.
you can consult a nutritionist to have the right kind of the food on your diet list and to avoid the fattening or high caloric food. You can also pair exercises with these laxatives for reducing the weight.
the exercise will increase your metabolism rate which in turn will aid the laxative action.
The use of laxative is generally more preferred and encouraged. It is so because of the ability of laxative to burn fats that is difficult to remove with diet and exercise.  What actually laxatives do is that it prevents the excessive absorption food that is in large intestine. It also speeds up the movement of stool in the intestine and helps in defecation. In this way food doesn’t get the chance to convert in the form of fats and to be accumulated. People usually women are more aggressive to lose weight to enhance their beauty. They must look out for the best laxative suited for their body fat. Although, these laxative have very few side effects but still its excessive use is discouraged.

The continuous use of laxatives for weight loss can turn out to be quite harmful for the human body and it can lead to multiple side effect or permanent disorders
  • Loss of water in the body - Dehydration
  • Continuous diarrhea leading to Chronic diarrhea
  • Serious harm to nerve cells of colon and failure in the natural ability of colon
  • Gastrointestinal malfunctioning