Creating outlook express account

Posted by aruga4life | 12:28 AM

Outlook express is a stripped-down version of Microsoft Office outlook. It allows user to send, receive and manage e-mail, as well as views and news group content. Creating outlook express account such as an e-mail account is quite easy. There is a queue of steps of creating outlook express account. By creating outlook express account one can make a signature on his existing e-mail account. At first, outlook express got the permission of creating outlook express account like e-mail in HTML. Creating outlook express account it should be remembered that it is allowed in the Internet explorer functions, 4.0 through 6.0. Step by step account set up guide that helps in creating outlook express account.  
Steps of creating outlook express account:
It is not so tough to creating outlook express account such as e-mail. The steps of creating express account are given bellow:  

Step 1: Open Microsoft outlook express.
Step 2: In the top menu bar click ‘tools’ and select ‘accounts’.
Step 3: Select the tab that is labeled ‘Mail’.
Step 4: From the resulting sub menu clicking add button select ‘Mail’.
Step 5: Enter name and then click ‘next’.
Step 6: Then enter your e-mail address and then click next.
Step 7: Now select your server type. Entering server details click ‘next’.
Step 8: Enter e-mail and password then click next.
Step 9: It’s the time to click ‘finish’. Your account is being created. You can send or receive message through it.
Creating outlook express account is reliable.