Computer has no sound

Posted by aruga4life | 3:36 PM

If you are an active computer user to listen music, videos, movies then you have to face the problem “computer has no sound”. Most of the users are now facing this kind of unexpected problems when using their PC. If your computer has no sounded then what you do?? Finding out the reason behind computer has no sound will be prime objective for you. If you easily solve the problems if you find out the reason behind computer has no sound. Some primary steps are here for your convenience:
·         click the speakers located on your desktop taskbar to check faulty speakers connection
·         you can use a headphone to make sure your speakers are
faulty or not
·         go to the “system tray” and then in the  “volume control window” to ensure that your PC speaker may not be muted
·         You will see a sign like red circle. Click on that red circle to un-mute your PC speakers
Proper installation of audio drive is an issue if your computer has no sound. This kind of errors is varied with the operating system. Many kind of software are used to recover the sound problems. To ensure the proper music for recovering “computer has no sound“you can use those musical and audio software. Easy set up of system restore and installing a new sound card may remove the problems of your “computer has no sound“. You can make call to online helping websites for getting tricky solution.