A Guide to Browser Hijacker Removal

Posted by aruga4life | 3:24 PM

Browser hijacking or hijackware is relatively new word. If you find your browser settings have been changed and you frequently find yourself in various web pages which you never visited before or never intended to visit then your browser have been hijacked. The sole purpose of this type of malware is to generate enough traffic for a particular webpage in an unethical way.

Fortunately, If your computer is infected with browser hijacker your data will not be wiped away like a virus. It gives you time to know about the problem and completely remove it. That works in favor of you because, although browser hijacker removal is not very hard, you have to proceed in a sequential manner for a complete browser hijacker removal

First of all you will need  an antivirus software. You can use AVG antivirus or any other well known free antivirus for removing browser hijacker. If you can get the paid version it is even better. Your browser hijacker may not allow to directly download any antivirus software. In that case you can try downloading from mirror sites. You will also need a antispyware program. I would recommend the free version of AVG antispyware.

To ensure browser hijacker removal you have to reboot your computer and start it in safe mode. press F8 repeatedly during start up. Now scan your whole computer using your antivirus and antispyware program one by one. Open Network Connection from control panel.
Select internet protocol (TCP-IP) and open its properties. click on obtain DNS server address automatically.

This should fix remove your browser hijacker. If not you need to check your registry settings manually but this is extremely risky. In such case You should contact a tech support company for browser hijacker removal.