Online audio transcribing is an easy job, though it may not pay much high, but it’s one of the current ways to make money online. The job requires one to have a good command and hearing of English language. There are very many companies that are looking for people out there to transcribe accurately. The companies are looking to pay if they get a person to do the job well. So where do you start in becoming an online audio transcriber?
Transcriptionist’s job entails listen to the audio recordings and then transcribe it into words on written documents through computer. For you to do audio transcribing here are some of the requirements;
  • Computer and internet access: the clients deliver their audio files via email, to which the transcriber converts into Ms Word documents and then resend them via email
  • Have software that will play audio files on your computer: there are lots of software that are readily available and inexpensive. Most of home-based computers are already installed with an audio-player.
  • Have good listening skills: you should be able to listen carefully to the hours of audio recordings without missing any content
  • Good typing skills 80-95 wpm is preferable: The faster you can type, the more money you make
  •  Ability to work with precision and give attention to details: most of the documents are official and must be completely accurate. They must contain each and every word of the audio file.
  • Many different types of firms rely on the online transcription services providers to transcribe such recordings to paper. Common sectors that have this type of work include teachers, dentists, doctors, professors among other professionals.
  • Such professionals do a lot of talking with students, patients, clients and other professionals and must have paper records of the conversations. These professionals prefer finding online audio transcribers rather than employing someone in their offices, since it’s more cost effective to turn to online services.
  • Online audio transcribers make their fee charge based on the number of pages or words. Most transcribers make between $15-$25 per hour of quality and accurate work.
  • Remember, above all, the most prerequisites are to have good ears and writing skills.

Tips to help you get transcribing job easily to make money online

Pick a field you have a good background

Transcribing jobs are easy if you understand the terminology involved in a given field. An example of legal and medical transcription jobs requires a person with a good background in respective fields. If not, it is advisable that you stick to general transcription, since it only requires fast hands and good ears.

Arrange for a time plan

It’s amazing how some people waste time while neglecting n hoe to start transcribing. If you have no other job, and wants to focus on how to make money online through transcription jobs, then you won’t afford wasting time by being lazy. Each project has a deadline. Better time management and strict delivery will give you a good name and more contracts in future.

Get a helpful environment to work in

As said before, online transcribing jobs requires more of hearing. Hence getting a quite room and a clear head is a must. If you are working at home, you can easily rearrange your room, for example early in the morning before going to another job. However, it is very challenging to do this type of job, and manage to attend to others. No interruption should be condoned whatsoever.
Finally, in addition to the above discussed qualifications, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the industry that you will be working on. Getting a dental/medical dictionary will be a good option to increase your knowledge on different terminology and hence uplift you efficiency in a tremendous manner.