Photographers are always looking on how to make money online through photos selling online. Are you one of them? If photos’ taking is your hobby, then the internet can be a great way of converting the results of your hobby into an income source. There are lots of photos selling sites, such as Istock Photo, Fotolia, Dreamtime, Big Stock Photo among others where you can upload photos and get people to buy them. Once you upload the photos on your preferred site, they can be viewed by anyone who is visiting the site and can buy them. You get payments every time a customer buys your picture in cash.
However, before you decide to move to photos selling to make money online, you need to ask yourself the following;
§        Do you have a camera that can provide good quality pictures?
§        Are you willing to get beyond pictures of your immediate surroundings?
§         How good can you handle rejection case?
§        Are you willing to invest your time to learn how to take good photos that will attract people to buy them on the internet?
§        Are you willing to invest your money on getting better camera equipments?
§        Can you get keywords that will compliment your pictures?
§        Do you have experience in photo editing, and if not are you willing to learn?
If you decide to use your friends or family as models, will they agree to sign model release form?
These are some of the questions that will help you get started in the unique world of online photos selling.

Steps to start making money with your camera by selling photos online

Invest on a modern quality camera: a high resolution image quality is what makes you stand from the other photographers. You need to ensure that you provide images of high quality always.  You can invest in $1000 to buy a good, high-pixel camera that won’t fail you.
Invest in educating yourself on digital images: no tat you have a good camera, the next step is to learn how to use different tools and software to; use the camera and edit the images. Besides you knowing how to take great photos, you need to be proficient on how to edit and crop those photos to create professional looking pictures. In today’s' word, there are lots of amazing editing software that will surprise you with their effects, if you learn how to use them maximally.
You can also opt to attend photography courses, which can be easily gotten from the internet. There are a variety of photography blogs that will give you a tip or two on photographing.
Set up a portfolio
Since you are going to make money online, it’s useful that you have your own website, even if you will be selling to other sites too. The website should contain your images for portfolio. Remember that your portfolio is what the visitors will be looking at, before deciding if they are satisfied with your photos or not. If they like your work, you may end up getting customers again and again. Buy a domain name for purposes of branding, as well as a shared account. Shared account goes for $10 while a domain name goes for $10 per year.
Selling your photos online
Post the photos on your website, and other photo selling sites. Remember that you need other well known and established sites to help you in selling the photos, and in return they will make a commission from each sale.
The key to success in selling photos online is the quality of your photos. Hence, take all the time you need to check the work of other photographers, and try to surpass their standards, and you will see money rolling on your bank account in a few months.