How to make money online through article writing

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If you spend a lot of time reading articles on sites, you may consider converting such knowledge into money making stream by writing articles for publishing. There are hundreds of people out there who spend their money to buy content rather than sitting on their computer for hours doing the writing. I have been a writer myself and I believe that it’s not difficult to start, if you believe you can make it

How to start selling your articles online

11)    Keyword research: writing is not just about writing anything, its writing content that has meaning and one that is in demand. How do you know that? You got to find the best topics that are currently in demand, such as fashion, IT related, music, etc and write on them. Currently, the word of online dating is also at its peak, ad you can use the same platform to base your writing on articles. Write as many articles as you can, but I would recommend you stick to one topic for the time being.
22)    High quality content: no one will spend money on your articles if they are not worth the money. Ensure that you write articles that are informative and which all data in your articles present the facts on the ground. Also makes sure that you give easy and readable articles. Online users prefer articles that contain sub-headings and bullet list when reading.
33)    Create your own website:  you need to make your presence known for you to make money online. You must make a platform where clients can find you, when they have a need. You should use your website to post articles too. Don’t forget to tell your readers that such articles are for sale. Give details on the price, word count and the research involved. You can still opt to accept orders from clients where they give you topics and you write articles, based on them.
Word of advice when making money online through articles
If you are working on articles given to you by a client, a 50% down-payment before starting the project will give you protection. You never know whom you are dealing with.

Options to uplift your writing platform online

eHow is one of the well know simple website where you can make your articles. The site entails on writing ‘how to’ articles on anything you believe you are familiar with, and get payments based on how helpful your content is. Here, you can write as any articles as you like, to increase your income rate. However, the site doesn’t give the bases which they make their payments, it could be the ratings, visitors, but mostly it is believed it’s the Google ads which are automatically placed on your article and the rate of people clicking on the ads. Your article is then spread for viewing in a matter of days, and you can start making money online right away.
Another great site is the associated content.  This site gives you payment for publishing any type of content, from articles, blogs, news and much more. This makes it different from eHow. The rate by which you make money online here is also based on the number of people visiting your articles, making comments and clicking on the Google ads that are associated with your page. The sign up process is free but you need to take some time to fill your profile. This helps in adding professionalism touch to your work.
Another great choice for writers is Xomba. Though it’s still in its fancy stages, the community here is growing rapidly. Similar to associated content, you can write anything from articles, blogs and websites and get paid for the members visiting your articles. The pay is based on the number o visitors clicking on the Google ads in your article. Hence, ensure that you give quality content that will make sense and be helpful to the community.
Lastly, for you to succeed in making money online through the above means, you have to create a Google Adsense Account. This is where you get paid by the sites. The sign up is free and easy, to hello you start making money online through the power of writing.