Online business is the big thing these days. You can hit it big by perhaps offering a simple service that many people need or by offering a widely popular product. But definitely, you won’t get anywhere without people being able to find you. And what is the best and most popular way to be found on the Internet? Simple, there is Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The big three are where you are most likely to look for a particular website, topic, or service. But the problem is how do you make sure that your website is always on top and on page one?
Before I tell you how to do that, let me give you a little background as to how the big three look for websites. The big three web giants employ what computer scientist call as web crawlers or spiders. What these programs do is they sprawl the Internet and look for new websites. They enter the website, read its content and classify what type of website it is. It also searches for keywords, which are prominent words in a website and are usually what the website talks about. Moreover, keywords are what you type in the search field in the big three. Based on a large number of factors, which I will explain later, the big three has several methods on putting you on page one.
This method is called search engine optimization. Optimizing your website allows the web crawlers to easily look for needed information and to improve your ranking. Some common factors in ranking include keywords, meta tags, and linking. As I explained earlier, keywords are what you search for and the closer your keywords are to what other people search the better your ranking is.
Meta tags are tags placed in your source code for your website. It is a note left for web crawlers as to what your website is all about. Simply put, meta tags tell the web crawlers that this is what people search for if they are looking for your website.
Linking is a bit more complex and is one of Google’s main factors with regards to rank. With Google, each page has its own rank. Each website also has links linking to other websites. The more websites linking to your own website, the better ranking results. Thing is, there are so many factors that affect this. You have to get the right websites to link you, the correct way to be linked.
Now, you might ask, what does this have to do with my website. Think of it this way, if you were never on the telephone directory, would you be found? If you continue to build your online business without any marketing, would you have customers? 

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