You are looking on ways t make money online? Then you better read on how to make money through Adsense. I am privileged to tell you how I managed to make an income through this online stream. Frankly adsense programs such as Google adsense are the easiest ways you can make an income online. In addition, the Adsense sites, Google included tends to be very hands-off. I discovered the benefits that come with the idea of ding work one time and getting payment month-after-month. Here is how the adsense program works;
The first thing to do is to pick niche. Internet speaking, a niche is a topic. You make money online through writing about various topics which you believe are I high demand, and that readers will get to click the ads nearby when reading.
After you get the niche you feel interests you and you know how to write about it, build a blog. Usually, I use Wordpress for this. You don’t have to necessarily be limited to it; there are other ways such as using Blogger, Squidoo and Weebly.
Once you build a blog, you then do a research on the keywords based on the niche or topic. Keywords phrases are the words that are types by the readers when looking for content on the internet. Essentially, you make money online with the Adsense by writing and getting people to read your ads.
Of course you don’t expect to make the money easily by writing articles and getting people to find the articles on your site. You have to make your presence known. Using social bookmarking to start traffic is essential. You can sue article sites such as Ezinearticles, Goarticles, and Articletrader among others. In the article, you include links and bio that links back to your adsense site.
Use of articles is a free and consistent way to maintain traffic. Lately I have been using videos as a tool to drive traffic to my sites. The thing with video is that they are easy to make and there is little competition as compared to articles.

Prerequisites of making money online with Adsense

To make money online through ads, as discussed earlier, calls for plenty of traffic coming to your site, or you will not get any click on the adsense. SEO and Article marketing are some of the most proven ways of website promotion techniques that will see your traffic increase day by day. You also need to have content that is ‘catchy’ to attract ads with highest PPC (Pay per Click) that are relevant to your content.
You will also need to bland your web page in a manner that the ads will bland with your site. Most users have complained of sites that contain ads that se colors which are not in harmony with actual website which brings ‘ad blindness’. Remember if you are to make money online through ads, then you have to make the traffic attracted to the ads on your webpage-mismatch of colors will mean no one will make clicks and hence n pay and the end.
Dealing with competitors advertisements
When you start offering products and services on your site, the very first thing you notice is that the PPC adsense will be mostly coming from your competitor’s side. Hence you will want to put ads that have no profits, or will you opt for having no ads whatsoever, as I did on my site, until a time when you will become so busy. Anyway you may opt to make few dollars off you competitor than continue doing business with nothing to show for it.
For Google adsense, you enjoy the benefits of 200 URLs for sites which you want to bar from placing adsense on your pages. There is a problem though in that at times you may never know the competitors till when the ads appear.
If you can manage to keep articles, and blogs that will drive traffic to your site, then it will be easier to have more people clicking on the ads on your website, it’s all about the traffic driving force, to see you make money online. It can go to thousands of dollars. However, you have to start to start from somewhere, and this is not a quick-rich scheme, it calls for patience and perseverance before you can start receiving the never ending income stream.