Reading emails is probably the best idea for those who are looking t make money online in modern times. There are lots of sites that provide jobs, and it’s a matter of identifying yourself with one. You are wondering if this is another scam. There are lots of people who get to make money online b reading emails.
Let’s start with the basics of emails and what goes on in this business
Emails are advertisements and most companies pay a couple of cents on each email hoping to craft an advert campaign that will attract you to buy something. This means that the emails are not similar to those you send for personal use, they have a look of advertisements and relate to a sort of system for making money online.
The thing is that you are going to look for an advert, normally going for 30-60 seconds for you to start receiving credit and you can get paid anywhere starting from 1-5cents per email. Usually, to get paid from reading email, most websites have a minimum payout that a member must reach so that they can make a withdrawal. This prevents the owner from sending hundreds of tiny payments every time.
At times, beginners are confused on which site they need to register themselves with. One thing you should avoid is looking for high paying website in a hope to make money online easily. Most of the times, when websites sets high pay rate for each email read, you will be 50-50 since you will have problems I making it for the minimum payout and hence the money will end up going back to the pocket of the business owner.
Let’s face it; there is no way you can make thousand dollars by reading fifty 1 cent emails each day. If that’s the case, then why don’t you get a website that has minimum payment that is not more than 10 dollars?

Tips to maximize your chances of making money online through email reading

Give permission to email marketers and make some money from your mailbox
Joining any program would mean that you will have access to email marketers to send you emails with information on products and services and pay you a small amount for viewing such offers. It’s not a bad idea for you to open a mail and click on the attached link to inform them that you’ve opened and read the contents. There are no obligations to open each mail you receive from such marketers. You can do it when you have extra time.
Making money through reading mail-box is better than opening a spam and deleting it. Spam also takes few seconds to open and be deleted, beside the unethical method of marketing, it doesn’t have anything to pay, for any party. You can opt to permit those who sought your permission to provide you with information of products and are honestly willing to pay you in return. Here, it’s a win-win for both of you; the one receiving the product information and the one who is marketing the product.
How much money can you expect from the mail-box?
How much money you can make online through your mail-box will depend on several factors, the number of persons that prefer using your services, demography and whether you return the code as credited or not, whether you visit the advertiser’s website or just make the code return from the email. On average one can make $1-3$ or more if referred by mote persons in such a program. However, you have to actively participate for the rates to increase.
How much can you make from each mail you read from email-marketers?
Depending on the program, you can typically make $0.01 for each email. Most of the payments are processed in dollar and UK pounds. You also earn 0.1$ for each code you return after making a visit to the advertiser’s website. There are other ways of earning, such as referring your friends to the website, which can give you $0.02 per person referred. The key thing is finding out if the company you are dealing with is legitimate or not, before deciding on whether to make money online by reading emails, or not.