There are thousands of people who are making money online through data entry, and so can you. However I would start by saying that this is not the only way to make income online. There are other types of jobs such as getting paid to do free offers, paid online surveys, get paid t read emails, get paid to shop online among others.
However, I would to introduce you to the prospects of data entry, and how you can use it to make money online better than when working from an employed type of job.
Typing and Data entry are related type of work which have become very popular for those working at home, and desirable to many. However, there has always been a problem in getting a genuine job since almost all of them are listed as scams. Occasionally thought, there are legitimate on-line data entry jobs in existence. For you to find them and get a starting point to make money online, you have to first differentiate between the barley and the wheat (genuine and scam) jobs.
Do your homework
Your homework is to learn how to constitute legitimate data entry jobs. You can’t simply decide that you want to do data entry jobs for a given company.  However, like any other job, it needs skills and experience as well and you must give a resume during your application. A hint here is that any type of data entry job that charges a fee should give you a reason to worry. At times scammers will convince you that the fee is for covering expenses or to check if you serious need the job. In my experience, no legitimate employer will charge you a fee t make money online through data entry. It doesn’t make sense; the employer needs you as much as you need him/her, so why must you pay, when you have the skills they are looking for?
Create professional resume
You have to agree that data entry jobs, whether online or offline, are competitive, and so you need to make a competitive edge, if you want to get a position. Your resume should also be competitive, dictating your typing speed, skills and experience that is related to software and equipment use. If you have prior experience in specific fields such as medicine; fine and good.
Search for jobs only in job searching websites
Never use search engine to find data entry work. This is because chances of you ending up with a scam site are very high.
Market your data entry skills
Most companies are downsizing and are looking for people like you, for help. Some of the outsourcing companies are looking no how to get people to help them with the work overflow. These are the places to contact.

Are you making the progress? Then let’s see how to enter in the data entry world

Things you require

Ø  PayPal account: most companies use PayPal to make payments for their workers. The method is preferred as it allows for electronic payments while ensuring that bank information is keeps private. So, open a PayPal account. Opening is free.
Ø  Determine the minimum wage you want. This can be done by dividing the total monthly expanses with the time amount you wish to work each month. For example, if you are looking for job that is paying $2500 a month, and is working for 160 hours, then you can’t work for ay less than approximately $15-$16 per hour.
Ø  Determine your typing speed: there are very many websites that offer software for typing speed. Most employers are looking for candidates that have high wpm (word per minute) output. Above all, accuracy is a consideration.
Ø  Accept as many jobs as you can handle: there is no problem with accepting more than one, two or three projects, as long as you can manage them. Get quiet; private areas where there is no distraction, in order to achieve maximum accuracy levels, remember that is very important. Submit your assignments early enough to allow time for any corrections of mistakes before the company’s deadline.
As long as you can secure yourself with a company for data entry, this can be a good start point to make money online, and may be the last job you might want to get-it pays well, I can guarantee you. Nevertheless, it depends on the company you end u with.