Business is about buying items here and selling there, at a profit. Your nearby walmart carries everything that you need to make money online by selling on eBay. Confused? Maybe you are asking yourself why you would buy items at your local walmart to resell on auctions such as eBay, when the customers can go to their nearest walmart and have such purchases.  The key point is, maybe they can’t. First, walmart is not accessible to everyone out there, not do all walmarts have exact similar merchandise. Hence you can learn what you need to buy at your walmart and resell on eBay at a profit-it’s a healthy business.
Part of the trick in understanding how to sell walmart items is getting what items are mostly bought on eBay. Some items will also sell best in other sites more than in eBay.

Alternative way to make money online through eBay

So the main question here is; how do you sell on eBay? One word answers the myth-dropshippers. The coming of dropshipping is a dream for eBay comes true. Look at this situation where you grab an Xbox 360 and resell it for 300, pocketing 150 out of a small deal?
Making money has been simplified with the dropshippers. First, there is no need of an inventory.  Unlike in the first idea where you buy product and resell it on eBay hoping to break even, here, there is no product involved. Simply, you choose a product, put up an auction and then sell it. If you manage to do it right, and don’t break even, the item will not sell, what we call a ‘reserve price’. This is the price which you set in a manner that if it is not met, then the product doesn’t sell. Once our item is sold, you make an order and ship it to the customer.
What is that? You mean I will order the product and be shipped to me before I reship it to the customer? Not in such a time like this, easy! Dropshippers acts as shipping points for you to make money online by selling in the auction business. Above that, most dropshippers are what is known as ‘white label’ shippers. This means that though they ship the product, it is branded with you business info on it, and not the shipping company, it’s like you own a small shipping department.
Pricing issues when selling on eBay
Why should someone pay outrageous prices on a product which they can easily get in the store at a fraction of such price?  Ask the dropshippers and they will give you an answer. You are not paying such high prices for the item being bought; you are paying for the wholesale prices. Going back to our Xbox 360, you could easily make $200 for one sale right? A dropshipper would sell it at 99.99, for example. Hence, if you can sell it for 115, that’s a good $15 and you give someone a brand new Xbox 360, for 100 less than the price of retail. This is a win-win business for everyone
However making money online through eBay is not get rich quick scheme. You have to spend time and dedicate yourself in this business. In the same, I know people who make $2000-3000 a month from this job. Another friend of mine is making hundreds of dollars a month. S, what about you?
If you can promote a product or service on eBay, then it becomes the best marketplace to sell products online. I can also recommend you to set an ecommerce for selling the product online, and get traffic from the auction as well. iPage is one affordable and reliable hosting site, to give you a new beginning in the online business world.