Becoming a virtual assistant to make money online

Posted by aruga4life | 11:42 PM

If you believe that you possess a certain skill especially on areas of media, and are looking for how you can make such talents provide you with income, then you are in the rights place. You can start be becoming a virtual assistance, or VA as shortened, to market yourself and Make money online. With more and more businesses going online, this is one type of opportunity that is increasingly being demanded.
Why you should pursue virtual assistant as a career
The option of becoming a VA to make money online is recommendable as you get to enjoy the highly coveted lifestyle.  What this simply means is that you get to set your own work schedule. Apart from that, you do not need to be subjected to everyday ‘official dressing’ or drive to work or commute.  Learning how to become a virtual assistant for online money making is purely a home-based job.

Functions of virtual assistant online

·         Doing secretarial duties; emails, letters, power point presentations
·         Graphic design
·         Transcription-medical, legal and general types
·         Proof reading and editing
·         Real estate virtual assistant
·         Write press releases
·         Blog set up and management
·         Article submission to directories
·         Placing classified ads
·         Setting up Facebook fan pages
·         Internet marketing virtual assistant-blogs and forums commenting, articles for blogs, pod-casting, customer support and keyword searches.

How to successfully get virtual assistant online job position

Act professionally

The first thing to always linger in your mind is that the VA job is an important job, as any other type of occupation out there. The clients are looking for the virtual assistants to assist them in a lot of things that need timely and precise work. This means that you should be very careful on your presence when needed as missing at any one time would affect the view of your work nature for the rest of your days with the clients.
Controlling a lot of things shows that you are professional. Starting from your voice to emails, and every means of communication between you and the client reports a bigger picture of how professional you are, and hence doing these things the right way (professionally) will see you benefit in the long run.

Consider the value of time

Most of the client’s needs involve booking flights, recording appointments, arranging meetings…and all these things require lot of ability in prioritizing. You have to have the ability to things right and make them happen on time.

Chose a client who is in a similar time zone

In relation to the point above, you need to get a client tat have the same time zone as yours or a close one. However, if you opt to have a client in a different time zone; you have to be very careful with issues of time. This is because you may be involved to work on odds, but you can simply manage it if you are working from home.

How much can you earn online as a virtual assistant

On average, most of the virtual assistants earn from $5-$50. The rates depend on experience. Those who have more experience set their own rate. The easiest way to have the job online is by penetrating the online business by starting with a low hourly rate.  Those who have very impressive portfolio to boast about enjoy the maximum of any online business you can ever get by being VAs’. Web editors and freelance writers ear from $5 to $100 per hour while Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists make up to $80 per hour.
Becoming a virtual assistant is ideal for those who are good in negotiating with people having a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility. Since you will not be seeing your employer, building confidence and trust are crucial here. Aside from expertise and talent, you should also be trustworthy to make money online being a virtual assistant.