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Search engines are huge numbers once, and at present the most famous in the world is Google, and Yahoo. If your blog indexed in search engines like them, then we must register our blog URL on their search engine. for those of you who do not know here there are several ways to register your blog on a search engine:


     For a list of the Msn, please visit please fill the verification code and your URL in the box provided, then click the Submit button URL, complete.

     to sign up for google please list the website address of your blog in

     for the URL you can fill in the name of your blog address as an example http:/ .
     and you can put any keyword related to your blog, and the better the keyword you entered the tittle of  your blog.
     contents of the letter box with captcha verification that has been available.
     Click the Add button and the URL.

please wait for 1 or 2 weeks to find out what your blog is indexed by GOOGLE, GOOGLE quick or old to be able to index your blog it depends on the effort to provide a Keyword or tittle of your Blog when you plug in keywords that are often in the search by many people. then your blog will be indexed quickly.


     Submit your URL in the web directory! Your site found in the Directory News


  please site, you just fill in your email address and name of your BLOG.

you can choose your own.
The following is a list of World's Best Search Engine:


NoSearch EngineHomepagesubmit urlPaid AddPage


1googleGoogle.comsubmit url to googleNo103
2yahooYahoo.comsubmit url to yahooNo101
3goGo.comsubmit url to goNo922
4lycosLycos.comsubmit url to lycosYes974
5webcrawlerwebcrawler.comsubmit url to webcrawlerNo93873
6altavistaaltavista.comsubmit url to altavistaNo9152
7www-sul-stanford-eduwww-sul.stanford.edusubmit url to www-sul-stanford-eduNo91136
8dmoz-orgDMOZ.orgsubmit url to dmoz-orgNo9317
9britannicaBritannica.comsubmit url to britannicaNo92126
10webringWebring.comsubmit url to webringNo81640
11updatedUpdated.comsubmit url to updatedNo87075 url to search-aolNo818
13dejadeja.comsubmit url to dejaNo83
14icra-orgIcra.orgsubmit url to icra-orgNo819306
15moreoverMoreover.comsubmit url to moreoverNo84267
16businesswireBusinesswire.comsubmit url to businesswireNo83625
17switchboardSwitchboard.comsubmit url to switchboardNo8564
18virtualtouristVirtualTourist.comsubmit url to virtualtouristNo82428
19web-statWeb-stat.comsubmit url to web-statNo86991
20ezboardEzboard.comsubmit url to ezboardNo8326
21looksmartLookSmart.comsubmit url to looksmartYes81742
22feedsterFeedster.comsubmit url to feedsterNo86912
23prnewswirePrnewswire.comsubmit url to prnewswireNo82502
24teomateoma.comsubmit url to teomaYes83670
25thefreesitethefreesite.comsubmit url to thefreesiteNo88897
26smartpagesSmartPages.comsubmit url to smartpagesNo8732
27shoppingShopping.comsubmit url to shoppingNo8298
28syndic8Syndic8.comsubmit url to syndic8No89733
29msnMSN.comsubmit url to msnNo82
30bigfootBigfoot.comsubmit url to bigfootNo818797
31newsisfreeNewsisfree.comsubmit url to newsisfreeNo810874
32bizrateBizRate.comsubmit url to bizrateNo8287
33vivisimoVivisimo.comsubmit url to vivisimoNo85075
34bluefindBluefind.comsubmit url to bluefindNo815024
35stptstpt.comsubmit url to stptNo820206
36voilavoila.comsubmit url to voilaNo8121773
37mammaMamma.comsubmit url to mammaYes82064
38alltheweballtheweb.comsubmit url to allthewebNo8625
39kartooKartoo.comsubmit url to kartooNo825746
40dogpileDogpile.comsubmit url to dogpileNo8682
41infoseekinfoseek.comsubmit url to infoseekNo822
42superpagesSuperPages.comsubmit url to superpagesNo8283
43aboutAbout.comsubmit url to aboutNo872
44zealZeal.comsubmit url to zealNo84286
45askjeevesAskJeeves.comsubmit url to askjeevesNo885
46yellowpagesYellowpages.comsubmit url to yellowpagesYes81343
47canadaCanada.comsubmit url to canadaYes8768
48voila-frVoila.frsubmit url to voila-frNo8414
49askAsk.comsubmit url to askNo885
50education-worldeducation-world.comsubmit url to education-worldNo810989
51lii-orgLii.orgsubmit url to lii-orgNo830601
52safesurfSafesurf.comsubmit url to safesurfNo886816
53overtureOverture.comsubmit url to overtureNo852
54marketwireMarketwire.comsubmit url to marketwireNo833567
55infospaceInfospace.comsubmit url to infospaceNo8272
56stltodaySTLToday.comsubmit url to stltodayNo84075 url to yahoo-co-jpNo87
58worldpagesWorldPages.comsubmit url to worldpagesNo828736
591and11and1.comsubmit url to 1and1No765821
60elib-orgElib.orgsubmit url to elib-orgNo732066
61hotelstravelHotelstravel.comsubmit url to hotelstravelNo753243
62go2netGo2Net.comsubmit url to go2netNo72211
63dir777Dir777.comsubmit url to dir777Yes7177708
64zensearchZenSearch.comsubmit url to zensearchNo7107977
65kellysearchKellysearch.comsubmit url to kellysearchNo72259
66suite101Suite101.comsubmit url to suite101No73597
67dmnewsDMNews.comsubmit url to dmnewsNo714146
68sbirworldSbirworld.comsubmit url to sbirworldNo7335231
69boattraderonlineboattraderonline.comsubmit url to boattraderonlineNo710440
70splatsearchSplatSearch.comsubmit url to splatsearchNo734637
71kompassKompass.comsubmit url to kompassNo73935
72allsearchenginesAllsearchengines.comsubmit url to allsearchenginesNo792076
73fireball-defireball.desubmit url to fireball-deNo78155
74whatuseekwhatuseek.comsubmit url to whatuseekYes75712
75nbciNBCi.comsubmit url to nbciNo733231
76cgi-central-netCGI-central.netsubmit url to cgi-central-netNo732139
77fresheyefresheye.comsubmit url to fresheyeNo73374 url to excite-co-ukNo712434
79caribseekcaribseek.comsubmit url to caribseekNo797341 url to aaa-auNo760414
81kanoodleKanoodle.comsubmit url to kanoodleYes7395
82sevenseekSevenseek.comsubmit url to sevenseekYes722624
83traffickTraffick.comsubmit url to traffickYes750061 url to scoot-co-ukYes732420
85boldchatBoldchat.comsubmit url to boldchatNo712160
86wordtrackerWordTracker.comsubmit url to wordtrackerNo7444
87stopdogStopdog.comsubmit url to stopdogNo7300025
88thomasnetThomasnet.comsubmit url to thomasnetNo75693
89iwonIwon.comsubmit url to iwonNo7350
30euroseekeuroseek.comsubmit url to euroseekNo73777
91worldhotWorldhot.comsubmit url to worldhotNo791347
92martindaleMartindale.comsubmit url to martindaleNo711842 url to sensis-auNo79144
94fastbuzzFastbuzz.comsubmit url to fastbuzzNo7165937 url to netplaza-biglobe-ne-jpNo7178 url to mirago-co-ukNo78553 url to lycos-co-ukNo7582
99khojKhoj.comsubmit url to khojNo733232
100de-altavistade.altavista.comsubmit url to de-altavistaNo7152

but if you do not want to bother to introduce your blog to search engines. you try to visit this site or you just enter your blog address in BOX is already available ..