experience with fedex

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this experience I had when I bought the product from amazon, i bought a psp go (piano black) at a price of $ 174 + $ 98 for shipping and handling, I think with me has been the cost of nearly 1 million for shipping and handling I was just waiting for it my goods delivered to the house, but apparently not, at first I was quite happy to January 31, I track my order online apparently stuff was up in Bandung, but the problem is why the status of 'clearance delay - import'? I leave it alone because the invoice was in the estimate of my order until the date of February 1 - February 6, but my anxiety started coming when I saw there was no change in status on 1st February, and finally I was trying to wait until the second date, there tracking changes in its status, it was out of Cengkareng with status 'International shipment release - Import', YESSS, I felt quite calm there,
plus the date the next day on February 3 status was evident that the stuff I've been in Bandung with status tracking "At local FedEx facility - Bandung ID ', an hour later the status changed to" On FedEx vehicle for delivery', I said to my father, because I ordered this item on behalf of my father, it's almost unheard of before the Friday prayers there was a knock doors, for fear of my father phoned the driver stray fedex before Friday prayers. this conversation:
father: "mas, I want to ask about my order?"
FEDEX: "oh yes, he should know the tracking id sir?"
father: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

FEDEX: "traktriktruktraktrik (sound of keyboard sound), the goods had been delivered Pak oooh!"
father: "oh so well, mas gentlemen would ask about the cost how much?, because yesterday I ordered the goods from the same place to the same location only taxable costs Rp 7,000 for postal packing them!"
fedex: "oh, if not for that I know sir, you can directly contact Dina wrote to bu in the number xxxxxxx"
papah: "oh yeah, I just worry about the cost a bit more expensive, can I know if I can prepare my first cash fare" ("I forgot to tell you about the shipping and handling that I have paid in advance through amazon to my father")
after the conversation we were waiting for our order goods that did not come on that day, that night I checked it again id tracking, status was changed to:
"Delivery exception - Held, Unable to collect payment ', wkwkwk, one night not to sleep, wondering what on earth with My Order? do thee good right? I can only hope that my order was not spotted there. wkwkwk, date 4th February morning I woke up late in the morning around 9:00, I checked his tracking id, was "On FedEx vehicle for delivery ', I thought today might be a lot of stuff delivered and made my order late due to time constraints ama rickshaws, wkwkwk, I catch up to where fathers work away - + 100 meters from the house and told my father:
I: "pah, the order would've driven in pedicab again!"
father: "huh?, but there are just a phone call from fedex that give know if we have to pay Rp.800.000"
I: 'father told how to keep the fedexnya? "
father: "Dad told me urusin ntar again, but I make more money working nebusnya also not there."
I: "the hero? mah lie that I was willing to track the goods already delivered, already naek tricycles, clay in the tracking id ya!"
I show tracking id to his father, but before I liatin to papah first I've surprised when I saw the status back to 'Held, Unable to collect payment',
for tracking evidence from the U.S. to ID can diliat below, as well as evidence of my disappointment
(To 00:22:14 with a green color is proof that I am playing at a new cafe 22 minutes, wkwkwk):

  Well, I was very disappointed with this fedex treatment, why should you pay more lot so, the results of the amazon affiliate will be given to fedex! yahhh, maybe fedex buy a plane again for saving anti blizzard let ga be made ​​alert as below: