experience with DHL

Posted by aruga4life | 10:33 PM

some time ago I re-order items from amazon gift card with the results of my affiliation with amazon, but I reserve the Freight Forwarding (JPB) is different, namely DHL, I ordered a watch Akribos XXIV Men's Diamond Chronograph Watch Dazzling AK439SS.

I ordered the item on the 16th february ago and estimated delivery (approximate to) on the 27th of February as shown in the notification from amazon to me via email below:

being busy, I did not get to  track my order, and when I track it on dated 22 feb, it was on 20 feb (monday) my stuff was received and signed by my aunt,??? message dated 16 December 20 nyampe again already? AS SOON AS THAT!

Well, it was not in vain I have to pay $ 75 for shipping and handling + import fees deposit servicenya steady BOSss, not much of macem macem Similarly, different from the F * d * x is already more expensive, should be subject to CHARGESsssssssssszzzz again, waiting for the goods actually received a phone call 'I am waiting for my ordered items mas mba + F * d * x, instead of waiting for the phone to strangle me' wkwkwk, well let udahlah already passed, so the lesson for us also to be able to choose which JPB is good for us if we want to import goods from the outside, but unfortunately all ga amazon stuff that can go to Indonesia with the support of DHL, hopefully the future all can be ,, .. AMIENNNNN!!