recover deleted files easily

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If you have accidently deleted some very important files from your computer and con not locate it any more then you must not worry because now you can recover deleted files very easily with the help of the many methods including data recovery tools and software’s and other recovery methods which will restore the image to the previous time restoring your deleted file.

To recover deleted file first of all you should open Recycle bin and see if your deleted file is there in the Recycle bin folder, after locating your file you click the tab of recover data given on the top of the recycle bin window. After recovering the file you go to the location where you had saved the file and then you can access it again.
When a file is deleted from your PC, you just lose the file name in My Computer. The file content still exists on the hard drive, the trick is as soon as you lose a file start recovering it immediately the sooner the better .Windows simply marks the space as being available for use so that you can write new files. If you manage to start an undelete process before Windows uses that part of the hard drive to write a new file, all you have to do is set that flag back to "on" and you get the file.
Recovering deleted file will need you to use windows back up and its highly recommended that you should use windows backup with the help of this back up you can recover deleted files easily. It also works for the files which are directly deleted by entering SHIFT + DELETE button.

Browser Hijack

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What is browser hijack?
Browser Hijack or Hijackware is a new term in the domain of computer threats and very little known. It is an attempt in which a malware modifies the preference and the settings of your browser to benefit their cause. It changes your homepage and includes new bookmarks. These implanted bookmarks often contain disturbing materials.

How do you detect a browser hijack?
Like most of the malware, the existence of a browser hijack can be felt by the lagging PC performance. You will also find the settings of your browser are altered and you not able to log in to any security web pages, like the website of different anti-virus softwares. you will frequently find yourself in a web page you have never visited before or never intended to visit.

How does it gain access to your computer?
Like the other malwares, it finds a way to confuse you and make you install the hijackware. Browser hijack is usually resulted from the installation of free software. Although the existence of browser hijack malware is written in the software agreement, it is cloaked by technical jargon which an average person can not understand fully.

The aim of browser hijacking
One thing is obvious that purpose of browser hijacking is to take you to different websites which you will not usually visit. Different companies pay some small search engines to redirect search queries to their website so that their traffic ranking may increase. So the small search engine company in turn somehow find a way to hijack your browser and annoy you.

Facebook support

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Facebook® helps you to connect with your friends through chatting with friends, sharing your feelings, giving comment as response, uploading pictures and communicating with friends at all. In this world of social networking, Facebook® plays a vital role for maintaining the networking with friends and relatives. But for a Facebook® user, Facebook® support is necessary. Many kinds of unwanted problems are faced by common users while using a Facebook® profile. A Facebook® user feel Facebook® support because he faces troubles with opening a Facebook® account, determining a strong password, uploading photos, problems with account and privacy setting, log in problems and problems with deleting a Facebook account. 

Facebook privacy setting support

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For easy communication online, Facebook occupies a great market in the internet. Without Facebook, young generation cannot go for a day. With the number of increasing account in Facebook, Facebook privacy setting becomes necessary for each user of Facebook. Face book privacy setting is now an issue of discussion among the users of Facebook. For the protection of your photos, videos and personal information, Facebook gives controlling power to its customers. Facebook privacy setting for the users regarding the following issues:

Facebook account deletion support

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Sometimes we are compelled to delete our Facebook® account for some unwanted problems. We face some problems while deleting a Facebook® account. We normally delete our Facebook® account with the help of Facebook® help center. Facebook® help center provides you full guidelines regarding Facebook® account deletion support. But yet you are unable to delete your Facebook® account, many helpful websites will help you as Facebook® account deletion support. Your profile or timeline will be

erased files restoration

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In order to restore erased files that you have erased accidentally it’s very important that you instantly stop using your computer because erased files are not completely deleted from your computer, but they just lose their space in My computer but they have some tiny bit space saved for themselves in the hard disk and operating system of your computer overwrites that space in order to change it to a new data. To avoid this you should always stop working on your computer in order to restore erased files.
Steps you should take in order to restore erased files: